Friday, September 7, 2012

The triplets and how they came about ( part 1)

It started way back in early 2011..where we put our target date to get a child..sorta long postponed new year resolution. We tried IUI twice...first back in 2007 and also 2010. It did not panned out well and the folks in LPPKN suggested to try another IUI again. But we just cannot take the agony of going to beraya in 2011 with no child in progress.
Those childless couple would understand how depressing it is to meet your relatives and slapped with the bonus questions :

1. Anak dah berapa ( How many kids?)
2. Dah mengandung blom ( Are you pregnant yet?)
3. ( fill in the blanks) dah mengandung..ko bila lagi ( Your ........... already pregnant, when in yours?)
4. Jgn tunggu lama2 ( Don't wait too long)
5. and other variants...some meant to my ever bulging tummy..sigh

Anyway..we commit to more of those silly annoying questions...i mean we can take it for the first couple of years...we usually just shrugged it off as a joke...but after 7's getting old..and you really just wanna slap them..literally...multiple times if need be!

So in Feb 2011, ummi called HUKM - MAC Dept for an appointment. She decided HUKM is the least expensive facility to do the IVF.  We managed to secure a date couple of weeks later with Doc Natasha. We're lucky to have those medical reports during our IUI phase and presented it during our appointment.I have to give credit to ummi for being dilligent enough to file and catalogue majority of the reports...history..even receipts..i mean she's anal about filing stuff into those clear type folder..where ppl used for during job interviews. Even our current paed was impressed with her filing skills...kipas sket

I noticed certain couple went straight to MAC with no prior report of their they were turned away to another clinic.dunno where..

So during the conversation with Doc Natasha, we insist to go ahead with IVF..we're not looking for another round of IUI. She agreed and discussed the period cycle to align her schedule for the next step.

To be cont...

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