Monday, October 22, 2012

The Triplets and the not so new blog layout dah cantik...barulah semangat sikit nak update. but not tonite coz ummi dah tired lps godek the setting....hope to write more often after this *wink*

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The triplets and how i managed to sync my Lotus Notes calendar into android

* Pls take note, this entry has nothing to do with LDR. Also its a bit geeky and nerdy pls stop reading if you're not into this

My co. use Lotus Notes..yes this software still around..we sell them..back in those days..when everybody using Nokia..i would use Nokia PC Suite to sync my calendar into my phone. It is a blessing to just check your schedule in the phone instead of booting your laptop..waiting for it to load..connect to vpn...wait again..then start application..waiting to load again...and then can check the is a pain..especially during weekend where i would avoid switching on the laptop. I used to double book my schedule or forgot i even have an appointment due to this. So Nokia..thank you for those memorable years..

Then i switch to co supported the email, contacts and calendar all sync into my trusty BB Curve 8900...all is well minus the 8 character password on the is a pain to use especially when you're driving.  I don't even use the laptop to work anymore..except when I need to edit some documents.

Then i moved on to android phones..the beauty of a bigger screen...more real estate, but no free syncing app supporting lotus notes..sheesh. I instead opted for a beta testing within the co. for Lotus Traveler..its sometimes work...mostly it will just sync the whole day and draining my battery life without anything get sync'ed. So I give up on that...

Still, calendar is my lifeline...i don't want to spend my time to copying my Lotus calendar into my phone one by one..there must be a better today I googled "how to..bla bla" and voila...found a free script syncing my Lotus notes to Google Calendar..and it will push the calendar into my phone

Its quite a straightforward process to set it up..and now it is working fine...I just need to make sure the script is running in my laptop all the time to pick up any changes in the more 8 character password on my phone. Plus I dun have that new email coming in on weekend stress anymore

Friday, October 12, 2012

The triplets and how they got separation anxiety

Not sure when this epidemic started..but it is spreading quite rapidly...first it was D. Nowadays she does not insist to be picked up every waking hours or whenever she sees adult in the vicinity. Nope..she's over that..getting picked up is lame...its for babies...she's a grown baby now...thats different category.

Since she's able to sit down no more watching the ceiling or the fan for that matter. She can play with her toys the way toys are meant to be played around..or watching tv..babytv most of the time..sometimes sinetron with bibik..and sometimes those philippines soap opera too...sigh

Anyway..she will demand to be accompanied by adult everytime...we don't have to do anything....she'll be doing her business...watching tv..playing with L and R..but we shud be around to shadow her...

I can't even go to pee for that matter..we must be visible and also within 3 meters radius from her. Exceed that limit and all hell break loose. She'll just scream her lung out like she got beaten or something...and plus now she added tears into the mix...goshhhh

This has been going on for couple of weeks...but L has catch on with this tactic a week back. Both of them is ganging up together and ensure tok umi and bibik does nothing but watch babytv with them...

Tok umi totally blame this on ummi which i do agree. D does not sleep in the baby cot nowadays..she sleeps with us most of the time coz she does not hold her own bottle during the night. LR already proficient on this skill but D is the clever one. She can hold the bottle during play time...but spread her arm in T shape whenever milk time. She just refuse to hold the since each of them wakes up twice every night/morning...that's a minimum of 6 time ummi have to feed them. Since LR can feed on their own..we can just straight away continue our sleep after giving them the milk..but D knows this...she wants the parent to work hard.....not her. So we ended up giving her milk on our bed instead..and since then on she'll just wake up screaming when nobody around her if we put her back in the cot..sighh..thats where the separation anxiety begins....

Pic below depicts those times we have to join watching babytv...pls reserve ur criticism on our parenting skill...yes watching tv is not good...but Tok umi and bibik have other things to do in the house.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The triplets and how i messed up the blog

If you notice..the link of other blogs have gone down. Not sure whether its my fault. I was tinkering with the setting before but I'm sure i did not save or reset or do anything harmful to the layout. Ummi kept blaming me for the mess. I was just planning to get rid the big lipstick's not manly..i hate it..

So, now ummi already got rid of the big giant lipstick mark with something more generic...i'm a happy camper. But still we haven't find the time to sit down and re-do the layout again. Maybe this weekend if we're lucky...

Friday, October 5, 2012

The triplets and how i learnt new stuff about them (part 2)

Lesson no. 7
Whenever going to open house or gathering.. Arrive earlier than the expected time...for us its quite natural thing. We prone to arrive earlier than other guest. For one...u get the best parking spot...currently with the big ass mpv is a pain to park..i would scout the area for the most convenient to park for the shortest distance to the door...coz usually i'll be in charge of the cargo unloading...and my back is not in the best of shape

Lesson no 8
Open house is a good place to get free babysitter...especially for D. She couldnt care less who pick her long as she not watching the ceiling...she's happy. So whenever frens or relative approach me while holding D, i will do the std script with D.."Nak uncle/aunty xxx dukung Dhia tak?"...and i would just shove D in their arms...i don't wait for their answers.... 99% of the time those gullible folks will always fall for it...hehehehehe

 Lesson no 9
Referring to lesson no. not work with L and will not happen....period

 Lesson no. 10
Avoid traffic jam...somehow...LDR hates traffic congestion...this hypothesis has been tested far, it is still valid..couple of times in Plus Hiway heading Alor Setar during was raining and alot of fender bender....another one was when i need to pump air on the tires at Petronas in KL..its not traffic jam, but we're not in motion....they would toned down a notch after i press the gas pedal....i dunno why So i would plan ahead of time..using the best route..with the least traffic... This also applies to riding the stopping watsoever...good exercise for me

 Lesson no. 11
LDR are like wild stallions..they cherish the is always a challenge to put them to bed...they just roll over the cot and mumbles all need to wear them down..till they tired and then you hit them with a bottle of like a charm