Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Triplet and 20.12.2012

today is another nice date. and also today my babies are 11 months old.

taken this morning

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The triplet and why i need to have this new toy

I love gadgets...i love new toys...latest toy i bought recently is my vaping tool aka eciggarete. I was a smoker back 2010...then reality creep in..the bad stuff u i switched to ecig...bought it for rm200 plus...and never wanted analog cig anymore. Then my ecig got broken in 2011..this is when ummi was pregger with LRD and i never bothered to smoke at all.

Then this yr...i was bored and stressed at the same that also can and started smoking again and somehow ummi knew i was smoking but did not scold me..hmmm maybe she dun care if i kick the bucket since i've done my duty as a specimen donor...
So recently i bought another set of ecig by smokerhaven and started vaping again....

And boss was raving about this revolutionary product called thermomix....this baby can do mountainous job of a kitchen appliance with a touch of a button...well multiple buttons i would say.
So i google the darn thing and ...seriously i'm blown can do chopping..grinding..kneading etc..and cook the meal the same appliance!!!
My boss swears it can even make 3 course dinner is possible with this thing...

Ok i need to put a disclaimer..i'm not an agent nor i can profit from advertising this stuff...though my boss did hinted to me...if i want..tell her...she can get better discount. I guess her friends is an agent and this thing is NOT cheap...RM5K plus...sheeshhh...ohh yeah she also said...dun worry..can pay installment RM499 every month....this is the new type of tupperware selling but seriously i'm tempted coz the inner cook in me keep it....Maybe i can join Masterchef with this stuff and kick some butt....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The triplets and how LDR reduced the carbon footprint

Since LDR arrival this year...we bought alot of that runs on batteries...their rocker also runs on batteries..their rattle thingy also got battery...their baby monitor also runs on batteries
So buying alkaline batteries is not the best solution...mind you..i need triple the quantity. I always told ummi to buy those simpler electronic component..they have less tendency to get broken.

Ok enuff talking abt broken toys..i'm suppose to write abt my trusty eneloop batt. These guys are one of the best investment i ever made...maybe after our house and asb...ranked 3rd. The 1st set i bought back in 2008 in power my pentax dslr. I was reading some review abt the camera and somebody recommended this rechargeable batt. Then i did further digging...lo and behold i'm hooked. The same set still chugging along powering their rocker and toys to this day. I did buy additional 4 new set AA and another 4 set of AAA early this yr..same model..These babies can last quite sometime...

Some toys need the bigger batteries..D or C worries..i bought D adaptor in ebay which can house 2 piece of AA batteries and we're good to go..
So all in all...i reduced buying those alkaline batt with the eneloops..slightly reducing hazardous chemical from going into the dumpster and further pollute the ground...thats what the marketing campaign from them anyway...i'm a sucker for marketing fad

My trusty far I have 8 pcs AA and 3 pcs AAA..planning to add another 8pcs

This book runs on battery...

The recently deceased toy..RIP my battery for you lah

Table also got battery...sigh

The casing i bought in can fit 2 pcs of AA

These 3  babies...does not run on eneloop battery..but on formula milk and homemade food. Need to recharge every 2-3 hours

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The triplets and 12.12.12

nice date today so kena la update blog sbg kenang-kenangan. i wanted to write a longer entry...with more details about LRD. a dark air conditioned room sambil tgk LRD tidor dibuai mimpi at almost 8pm....on laptop...slot in sd card...browse dulu sekejap internet.....last2 ummi pun tidor dibuai mimpi zzzzzzzzzz sampai la MrDaddy balik frm work at 10 plus. actually this has been my routine for these past few weeks. sgt sgt tidak productive!!! but then...bestnye tidoo. thats why bila org tanye tido cukup ke tak...the answer is yes! i tido awal sekali dgn budak2 ni. even kena bangun on average 6 kali every nite utk buat susu (LRD tak bangun serentak)....and bangun at 6 am to prepare their breakfast, lunch and dinner......bila campur tolak semua i rasa i tido cukup 6 jam...kadang2 lebih lgpun ada.

so enjoy je lah my beauty sleep sementara the kids punye sleep routine derang tgh ok ni. esok lusa tak tau lah mcm. anyway, here are some pictures of them today around 7pm tgh main2. main2 puas sampai penat....730pm bawak naik....and tido. but of course nak bg derang tido is a diff story...phewww. nite nite

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Triplets and Pesta Jom Makan Buah

ok the title has got nothing to do with LRD...but i think i must blog about this Pesta Jom Makan Buah which ends tomorrow at Putrajaya. actually event dah ada since 7/12 but tak heran pun until today my frens ajak pi Eat All You Can during lunch. For RM15 per head makan la sampai pengsan durian, manggis and rambutan. so there you go....3 of us had 4 biji of durians, some rambutan and manggis. isi tebal sedap...sapa yg giler durian mmg tak rugi la pegi.

Besides gerai buah-buahan,  ada jugak mcm2 makanan. and this is my fav...sate tulang jelebu. dah lama dah teringin nak rasa sate tulang ni kat senawang tak sangka dia dtg bukak gerai kat Putrajaya. sate tulang ni bila tanya budak yg jaga tu dia kata sate yg dibuat daripada tulang ayam dan diperap dgn resipi rahsia. siap sebut tu resipi mmg sedap la sate ni. tak byk isi buat sedap nak gigit2. masa lunch time beli secucuk nak try. 1 cucuk for RM1.30.

 The one and only sate tulang Jelebu.....yummmyyy

On the way balik singgah lagi beli 8 cucuk untuk Mr Daddy, Tok Umi and Bibik. also bought cendol pulut durian from gerai borhan and popia basah. kat situ ada satu gerai jual keropok kering....sekilo RM18. dia goreng byk jugak utk bagi rasa dgn sos cili padi Mak Wan. sedap jugak...bought half kilo of it. Esok ingat nak singgah lagi beli limau bali pulak :)

so now back to LRD....since now masing2 dah laju merangkak except for Leia yang masih seronok menjulur2, so kena la sentiasa watch out. dah la sorang kat sana...sorang kat sini. so Mr Daddy you better start looking for that pagar. tambah pulak dgn hobi terbaru LRD skrang suka memanjat...nak selamatkan si Dhia pulak tersembam. nak selamat kan si Raid plak tergolek. anyway, here is the latest video of them....Leia and Raid watching TV and Dhia dok main rocker Leia.

I love you LRD

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The triplet and how they were home alone

This is a journal entry...quick snippet on the happening on 8th Dec 2012...Its 7pm..and ummi have left us all alone to go to Alor just you 3 and bibik..but she will have a minor role...coz her shift ends by 9pm...
Me..i'm freaking out right now...can i handle all 3 by myself till tmrw morning...coz we never done this before
I was thinking to bring them home to my hometown for the night...but after the ruined 1st day raya fiasco....they still threw tantrum to their grandpa and grandma... i didn't dare take that chance.. so this is quite a feat...and would qualify me to be nominated as father of the here we go!!
7.07pm : R went up to bed first..we was planning to go to bed only around 8..just to make sure they're really2 tired and sleepy..but seems like he already cranky...
7.20pm : R is sound asleep...ok so far so good...
7.51pm : L turn....D sorry you gotta wait...L keeps playing with my hand n finger but refuses to sleep. Its her thing now...grabbing my finger b4 going to sleep...
8.14pm : suddenly bibik knocking on the door, D wanna sleep she said...greatt...L still not asleep. This is when i wished i have super powers...not superman...coz his super strength wont help in this situation..i wished i'm i can reach both baby cot on the left and right side of our bed...i kept rolling left and right to give milk to D and also give my fingers to L so she can sleep.
8.38pm : Finally the girls fall asleep...
9.00ishpm : the daddy also fallen asleep..sheesh...i was planning to catch upon some movies and games from PSN....well that will not happen today
12.30am: L woke up for milk...i'm half asleep stumbles around to mix 4 ounces of milk
1.20am R woke up......milk now
5.08am: D n R woke up...not gave them the pacifiers...
6.35am: L woke up crying for milk...gave some and later on only finishes half of it..
6.40am: R woke up..mumbling milk for u then
6.48am: D finally awake from slumberland...crawling  over me...then trying to pick a fight with L...then milk for u
7.30am : LDR came down one by one for breakfast...success!!