Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The triplets and how ummi ruined my 1st day raya

I'm guessing most bloggers have already done an entry about raya..we kinda missed the boat. Seriously writing an entry for this blog is hard work....and me especially coz there is no thought process into the structure of the entry...just thumb typing slowly on the small screen..
On that note...i'm taking a break on writing they came about series.. It just hit me..that story is pretty long....i dunno why i did it in the first place..regret..regret..regret... i need to break it up to several entries just keep my mind sane...Ok i digress alot already..

Coming back to raya....yeaaa..1st day raya in my hometown goes like this.

We target to do at least 3 house on that day...arrived in sepang around 12noon . Went straight to my aunt place...we parked them in one corner of the living room..So the makcik2 start ogling them..and then...Leia starts screaming...and scream..and screamm...and couple of seconds later Raid join the frenzy...I was still eating kuih raya by the way since 2 kids crying can be easily handled by ummi and bibik..
But the cries never stop...Dhia do join in later when I have finished eating..and thats when our bibik starts eating very slowly..I mean seriously...i dunno why she enjoys eating very need a separate entry on its own with regards to eating with triplets. Leia have yet to stop the tantrum...ummi even sat in the car with aircond on hoping it will soothe her. ain't happening!!

So ummi vetoed me to go back straight to my parents house...raya cancelled!!..pls note, Leia have yet to stop crying and was a good 20 mins plus minus till we reach my parents place. By then...there were alot of brother and sister...and some relatives i have no idea who they are.....and then other 2 i.e Dhia and Raid re-join the tantrum..

I think by this time..ummi's make-up already brother asked her to go into the room  and switch on the aircond...I was still holding R or D i cannot remember...imagine the TV series..ER..when George Clooney not yet famous...that's how frantic it was..all 3 still crying for no reason.We pulled out toys...rattlers...squishy pillows...gave them milk..sing a song..selawat by my mother...still no indication L gonna stop. RD already stopped after 30min reaching home...but Leia..she's a tough cookie. I read somewhere in parenting magazine( yes, i do read them)..those with tantrums are very determined babies..they know what they want..and cries if they're not getting wat they want. So the issue here is..we have no idea what L wants.

We did all in the checklist
1. Milk - not taking anymore
2. Toys - not interested
3. Air cond - full blast
4. Diapers - still dry
5. Cuddling - not good enough
6. Ummi and daddy funny faces - yeah right

So after a good 1 hour of screaming and kicking...L finally quit her tantrum and went to a deep sleep. A good 3-4 hr sleep during the day is very rare...i can say by this time it is already 4pm..and i was in no mood to go beraya anymore. The kids tend to consume your energy..its like their the bunnies..cute and cuddly..and we're the energizer batteries...

Around 5pm, Princess Leia woke up with a smile but still growls to my we do not want to risk another round of tantrum...we decided to pack our bags and went straight home. The end...
Yeah only satu rumah beraya...technically my parents house does not count..they went there just to sleep..


  1. :)))
    This is so funny...hilariously funny.
    Keep em coming...

  2. Nobody was laughing that day... Hehehehe

  3. hahaha! been there, done that. our boys sampai skarang still tag team nangis meraung ramai ramai. mati kutu tatau what the hell are they crying their lungs out for hehe. so good luck gjoule & midah...for many more yrs to come hahaha ;-)

  4. we thought we figured out what went wrong on that fateful day...but today L did it again on the last day of raya..just for kicks or maybe she need opening and closing session