Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The they came about plus how i play the doctor (part 2)

Ok seriously..i dun think i'm gonna go into details...just too much info to be written...and i'm lazy.
So here we apr/may...we went back in to MAC after ummi pms cycle started...but unfortunately or fortunately Doc Natasha went into labor. She's having twins! I think that was a hint from God. So our case was passed to Prof Hashim.
Since we already decided to go with IVF..Prof cannot say anything we were told he prefers the natural way of conception..but he's one of the best. The other one is Prof Zainul..
So Prof gave us a bunch of prescription to stimulate the hormone was costly...i think 3/4 of the whole expenses came from the ranges depending on the condition of the patients...some need more dosage..some need less..even after she was pregnant..the prescription bill kept on ensure the fetus development goes as planned..
You can say ummi was pumped with full of prescribed eating M&M for breakfast. Also she has to get jabbed on the tummy every morning...that meds was freaking expensive. She's like a junkie with needle marks on the stomach instead on the arm. Since she is afraid of stabbing herself with a big ass syringe...i got the honour to play doctor for the next couple of parents would be happy..his son finally became a doctor..though for a while...ooh yes..those were the days i can stab my wife and not getting prosecuted..good times indeed

To be cont...