Sunday, September 16, 2012

The triplets and how they become wolverine

Every morning after LDR woke up our usual ritual is to check for scratch marks on their face. For one...we dun want to be convicted  for child abuse...especially tok umi..she'll judge our parenting skills..ok mostly my child handling skill. Tok umi will hover like an eagle watching over my shoulder how i hold them...change their diapers..everything lah..i even came up with a code name for mother eagle watching me right now?
Coming back to the scratch marks...their nails are quite sharp. Once, L or R had a long scar from the forehead down across the eyelid down to the cheek. IT WAS AWESOMELY BRUTAL. Just like Kratos from God Of War series. How ever we trim will be as sharp as usual. See, they inherited the only part of me ummi always praised off. My long and beautiful nails. Its those glass type...not the lame cup type shape like ummi..and maybe the rest of the world..hehehehe
When we got the news of having triplets..ummi prayed for healthy ummi...all about her lah...and pretty nails like daddy. So i'm considered the minority shareholder if LDR is a public co.
Even when ppl asked who LDR resembles...ummi will claim its all from her side of the family..the arabic side. She still denies there is any part of jawa descend in them..except for the nail that is... So yeah sucks to be me....

these are just the minor cut...

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