Sunday, January 13, 2013

The triplet and how we celebrate new year...

Since they were born in Jan last yr..LRD never had any major fever..flu..even that demam kuning...none..they did had running nose 2 twice last yr which last 2-3 days...but that's it...
Then on 31st Dec...while i was awfully bz in the office...for year end closing of the financial yr...ummi called...said LD is down with fever..
So i rushed back and both were having major runny nose and cough..with L temperature hovers around 37 degrees.
So on the eve  of new yr..whilst everybody was outside welcoming 2013..i had to watch the fireworks from the i ever go out in the middle of the night to watch fireworks anyway...i'd rather sleep than do outdoor stuff the morning we brought LD to the clinic and got some drug for the cough and colds..and spent the whole day camped at home
As of today..the virus have moved on to raid...with awful cough during the and ummi also got infected...Leia still got the occasionaæ sniffles...i have a feeling containing the virus is an impossible feat.... HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!!!