Sunday, December 9, 2012

The triplet and how they were home alone

This is a journal entry...quick snippet on the happening on 8th Dec 2012...Its 7pm..and ummi have left us all alone to go to Alor just you 3 and bibik..but she will have a minor role...coz her shift ends by 9pm...
Me..i'm freaking out right now...can i handle all 3 by myself till tmrw morning...coz we never done this before
I was thinking to bring them home to my hometown for the night...but after the ruined 1st day raya fiasco....they still threw tantrum to their grandpa and grandma... i didn't dare take that chance.. so this is quite a feat...and would qualify me to be nominated as father of the here we go!!
7.07pm : R went up to bed first..we was planning to go to bed only around 8..just to make sure they're really2 tired and sleepy..but seems like he already cranky...
7.20pm : R is sound asleep...ok so far so good...
7.51pm : L turn....D sorry you gotta wait...L keeps playing with my hand n finger but refuses to sleep. Its her thing now...grabbing my finger b4 going to sleep...
8.14pm : suddenly bibik knocking on the door, D wanna sleep she said...greatt...L still not asleep. This is when i wished i have super powers...not superman...coz his super strength wont help in this situation..i wished i'm i can reach both baby cot on the left and right side of our bed...i kept rolling left and right to give milk to D and also give my fingers to L so she can sleep.
8.38pm : Finally the girls fall asleep...
9.00ishpm : the daddy also fallen asleep..sheesh...i was planning to catch upon some movies and games from PSN....well that will not happen today
12.30am: L woke up for milk...i'm half asleep stumbles around to mix 4 ounces of milk
1.20am R woke up......milk now
5.08am: D n R woke up...not gave them the pacifiers...
6.35am: L woke up crying for milk...gave some and later on only finishes half of it..
6.40am: R woke up..mumbling milk for u then
6.48am: D finally awake from slumberland...crawling  over me...then trying to pick a fight with L...then milk for u
7.30am : LDR came down one by one for breakfast...success!!


  1. babies ummmiiii!!!!

    tu la sapa suh ajar leia main2 dgn jari. now ur fingers are officially her "bantal busyukkk"

  2. good job gjoule! the kids survived in one err 3 piece! hehehe

  3. congratsss daddy u did it!! i know tough, very toughh for your case and i for only one lasak baby boy pon phewwww. tp as i read i cant help remarking in my heart saying, pahala besar insyaallah with all those challenges...

  4. I think i deserved a vacation...hehehe