Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Triplet and their first Keek

bila dah pandai update blog guna video keek...maka mari kita update blog sehari satu video. This was their 1st keek video...taken 2 months ago.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Triplet and Dhia KeBamBam

*re-publish...hari tu try publish thru mobile rupanya tak berjaya. kena buat manual. mata...telinga...hidung and mulut muncungg

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Triplet and Feed Me! Feed Me!!!

Semalam balik dari office, The Triplets dok melangut tunggu depan pintu. before nak masuk tu amik la a few snaps of them...bukan senang skrg nak dpt bergambar bertiga mcm ni....

 Raid thinking about his future, Kakak Leia with plain bread and Adik Dhia with chocolate chipsmore

 Adik Dhia, "aaaaa yummy breaddd....nanakkkkk" sweetttt

hmmm...time ni boleh la nak bersuap2...most of the time berperang macam ultraman and raksasa anak dara dua org tu

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Triplet and The Wordless Wednesday

*sebab wordless wednesday tetiba boleh update blog with less words.
*This was taken on sungguh baju kakak Leia...haishhh

Monday, May 13, 2013

The TRIPLET redux..

Finally I find time to write a I took the bus to work today..
For the past couple of month I've been driving to no time to write anything on the road...once arrived..I do not have much time also to write coz too much work to do..
Once at home...I also have to start working until 12 plus...So I will not sacrifice my sleep time for a post...I have my priorities...
But taking the have spend so much time waiting...waiting...gawking...daydreaming and what not...hence this entry...
Plus I shattered my gnote screen last year and never bothered too fixed it...using my back up phone is too tedious to write an hopefully I can start writing again about LRD soon.... entry

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Triplet and the 1st birthday Cake lets start this blogging thing all over again with this picture....

 yes LRD....this is your 1st birthday cake....rainbow cake with cream cheese topping. pernah sekali order at this baker utk office was superb. but 2nd time order for the triplets birthday party mcm kureng sikit. maybe sbb buat dua aduanan kot. anyway, i hope to write more abt their birthday party in a diff entry. let see when will that happen.

and last but not least.....introducing the 1 year old....

mcm2 perangai...yg kuat menjerit mengada2 pun ada...yg kaki pukul pun ada....yg gila tv pun ada....boleh agak kan dlm gambar ni sapa yg gila tv?? is that good or no good? yg stress nya skrg mmg sgt susah nak amik gambar mereka bertiga ni dalam satu posisi yg ready. setting camera pun kena buat sport so that boleh snap continuosly.

but every day with them around is a superb adventure. full of laughter...and laughter...and more you my babies and i know this is 1 month late to have it written in this blog.....


Sunday, January 13, 2013

The triplet and how we celebrate new year...

Since they were born in Jan last yr..LRD never had any major fever..flu..even that demam kuning...none..they did had running nose 2 twice last yr which last 2-3 days...but that's it...
Then on 31st Dec...while i was awfully bz in the office...for year end closing of the financial yr...ummi called...said LD is down with fever..
So i rushed back and both were having major runny nose and cough..with L temperature hovers around 37 degrees.
So on the eve  of new yr..whilst everybody was outside welcoming 2013..i had to watch the fireworks from the i ever go out in the middle of the night to watch fireworks anyway...i'd rather sleep than do outdoor stuff the morning we brought LD to the clinic and got some drug for the cough and colds..and spent the whole day camped at home
As of today..the virus have moved on to raid...with awful cough during the and ummi also got infected...Leia still got the occasionaæ sniffles...i have a feeling containing the virus is an impossible feat.... HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!!!