Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The triplets and how i learnt new stuff abt them

Lesson learnt 1
- this is pretty obvious but sometimes we just forgot...coz whenever we go out...we're always rushing like mad to get into the car...so always have a backup of everything..i.e clothes..diapers..bottles..pacifier...blanket.....baby wipes..formula milk..always expect that shit will happen anytime...even just going out to your next door neighbour...so be always prepared for any contigencies..we even have a backup of the backup ready in the car..just in case..
Lesson learnt 2
- do not at any circumstances to take all 3 wide awake kids to go to bed together. One must plan ahead who shud go to bed first..and make sure he/she asleep before taking another one to the bed. Dun try to be a superparents with super powers and try this impossible feat..it always end badly i.e accepting defeat and taking them back down to the livingroom and to be looked after by the bibik..it is embarrassing..sometimes i feel bibik is ridiculing my parenting skills. All this will avoid the domino effect when one of them waking up the other who already asleep..it is madness to stop the vicious cycle set by this chain reaction...
 Lesson learnt 3 - when they cries...2 basic checklist...they pooped or hungry. Sometimes we just over analyse things and not seeing the obvious..they're hungry or uncomfortable...just go back to basics...
 Lesson learnt 4 - Always remember when they're fed. In the beginning we have a log book with time and volume of milk taken. This is to keep track which one is still full and which one is hungry. The worst thing to happen is overfeeding ur child..
 Lesson learnt 5 - when D is pretty much occupied by watching tv or staring at the ceiling figuring out how to conquer the world...dun ever let yourself be in her line of sight..she'll just cry for attention and ask to be picked up. Once i had to jump over the sofa from the back and lie still for a couple of second to play dead...just to avoid her radar....that bad
 Lesson learnt 6 - Don't lie down on ur back and hold them horizontally...especially after feeding. They might just puke on ur face...true story

and many lessons to be written...till then

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