Friday, October 12, 2012

The triplets and how they got separation anxiety

Not sure when this epidemic started..but it is spreading quite rapidly...first it was D. Nowadays she does not insist to be picked up every waking hours or whenever she sees adult in the vicinity. Nope..she's over that..getting picked up is lame...its for babies...she's a grown baby now...thats different category.

Since she's able to sit down no more watching the ceiling or the fan for that matter. She can play with her toys the way toys are meant to be played around..or watching tv..babytv most of the time..sometimes sinetron with bibik..and sometimes those philippines soap opera too...sigh

Anyway..she will demand to be accompanied by adult everytime...we don't have to do anything....she'll be doing her business...watching tv..playing with L and R..but we shud be around to shadow her...

I can't even go to pee for that matter..we must be visible and also within 3 meters radius from her. Exceed that limit and all hell break loose. She'll just scream her lung out like she got beaten or something...and plus now she added tears into the mix...goshhhh

This has been going on for couple of weeks...but L has catch on with this tactic a week back. Both of them is ganging up together and ensure tok umi and bibik does nothing but watch babytv with them...

Tok umi totally blame this on ummi which i do agree. D does not sleep in the baby cot nowadays..she sleeps with us most of the time coz she does not hold her own bottle during the night. LR already proficient on this skill but D is the clever one. She can hold the bottle during play time...but spread her arm in T shape whenever milk time. She just refuse to hold the since each of them wakes up twice every night/morning...that's a minimum of 6 time ummi have to feed them. Since LR can feed on their own..we can just straight away continue our sleep after giving them the milk..but D knows this...she wants the parent to work hard.....not her. So we ended up giving her milk on our bed instead..and since then on she'll just wake up screaming when nobody around her if we put her back in the cot..sighh..thats where the separation anxiety begins....

Pic below depicts those times we have to join watching babytv...pls reserve ur criticism on our parenting skill...yes watching tv is not good...but Tok umi and bibik have other things to do in the house.

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  1. Just let them watch the TV. You are doing it right. Who said it is not good for them?