Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the triplets and how they became social leper

On 20th nov ...it's their 10 month birthday..yeah I'm forced to remember their monthly bday. I mean...c'mon..seriously..do all parents do this...monthly celebration...it is a thing in these day and age..do we congrats each other on the FB wall too??

" HBTY kids"....like that??

Anyway....i refused to conform against such ritual....so we did not celebrate....Ummi relentless tried to convince me to buy a rainbow cake..costing around RM100..WTH!!! for a monthly birthday for crying out loud...do we have bi-weekly bday celebration too?? If money coming out from my behind that it shouldn't be an issue..

So we stayed at home the whole day...then Tok Ummi suddenly mentioned wanna go out around 5pm. We were dumbfounded...and that's when we realized she's been toiling day in day out to take care of the triplets the whole week and come weekend..it's the same thing...coz the parent is just too lazy to go out. In our defense..we're the homey type of ppl..hate going out...hate the traffic...hate the crowd in the shopping mall...

Furthermore we have certain criteria when going out to public with LDR

1. we always plan ahead of time..try avoid public holidays or weekends or especially events like KL Marathon..sigh
2. location must be stroller friendly..so as far as shopping complex is concerned..only Ikano and Alamanda qualifies. The rest do not have that flat type escalator thing...i dunno what is the term
3. Elevators must be able to cater our tandem and single stroller in one trip..plus many more bystanders...most of elevators here is pretty cramp...and occasionally either of us need to wait for another lift to move around

For the past 9 month..we can count by fingers the times we go out in public..minus hospital visits..that's already mandatory...when they were born prematurely..the nurses already advised us not to go out in public in the 1st 6 month...coz their immune system have not matured yet and maybe susceptible to common virus..for us it is a welcomed advise coz we do not go out much anyway.... 

So we figured, tok ummi is losing her mind handling LDR all day long...no social interaction with adults her own age....coz i know she used to be a social butterfly back in the days..hehehehe..i'm gonna get  a mouthful from ummi with that kind of statement..

On sunday couple of weeks ago, we decided to eat out for lunch...in Alamanda..hence the second time for LDR went out to shopping mall..the first one was before fasting month in Ikano....

This was in Serai Cyberjaya last weekend..cozy place..not so many people around coz it was on saturday..parking near the elevator..big elevator to the 3rd floor. We keep forgetting to bring their teething biscuits..so we look like awful parents stuffing our face with huge amount of food whilst the kids watched us..too bad

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