Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The triplets and how i managed to sync my Lotus Notes calendar into android

* Pls take note, this entry has nothing to do with LDR. Also its a bit geeky and nerdy pls stop reading if you're not into this

My co. use Lotus Notes..yes this software still around..we sell them..back in those days..when everybody using Nokia..i would use Nokia PC Suite to sync my calendar into my phone. It is a blessing to just check your schedule in the phone instead of booting your laptop..waiting for it to load..connect to vpn...wait again..then start application..waiting to load again...and then can check the is a pain..especially during weekend where i would avoid switching on the laptop. I used to double book my schedule or forgot i even have an appointment due to this. So Nokia..thank you for those memorable years..

Then i switch to co supported the email, contacts and calendar all sync into my trusty BB Curve 8900...all is well minus the 8 character password on the is a pain to use especially when you're driving.  I don't even use the laptop to work anymore..except when I need to edit some documents.

Then i moved on to android phones..the beauty of a bigger screen...more real estate, but no free syncing app supporting lotus notes..sheesh. I instead opted for a beta testing within the co. for Lotus Traveler..its sometimes work...mostly it will just sync the whole day and draining my battery life without anything get sync'ed. So I give up on that...

Still, calendar is my lifeline...i don't want to spend my time to copying my Lotus calendar into my phone one by one..there must be a better today I googled "how to..bla bla" and voila...found a free script syncing my Lotus notes to Google Calendar..and it will push the calendar into my phone

Its quite a straightforward process to set it up..and now it is working fine...I just need to make sure the script is running in my laptop all the time to pick up any changes in the more 8 character password on my phone. Plus I dun have that new email coming in on weekend stress anymore

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