Friday, October 5, 2012

The triplets and how i learnt new stuff about them (part 2)

Lesson no. 7
Whenever going to open house or gathering.. Arrive earlier than the expected time...for us its quite natural thing. We prone to arrive earlier than other guest. For one...u get the best parking spot...currently with the big ass mpv is a pain to park..i would scout the area for the most convenient to park for the shortest distance to the door...coz usually i'll be in charge of the cargo unloading...and my back is not in the best of shape

Lesson no 8
Open house is a good place to get free babysitter...especially for D. She couldnt care less who pick her long as she not watching the ceiling...she's happy. So whenever frens or relative approach me while holding D, i will do the std script with D.."Nak uncle/aunty xxx dukung Dhia tak?"...and i would just shove D in their arms...i don't wait for their answers.... 99% of the time those gullible folks will always fall for it...hehehehehe

 Lesson no 9
Referring to lesson no. not work with L and will not happen....period

 Lesson no. 10
Avoid traffic jam...somehow...LDR hates traffic congestion...this hypothesis has been tested far, it is still valid..couple of times in Plus Hiway heading Alor Setar during was raining and alot of fender bender....another one was when i need to pump air on the tires at Petronas in KL..its not traffic jam, but we're not in motion....they would toned down a notch after i press the gas pedal....i dunno why So i would plan ahead of time..using the best route..with the least traffic... This also applies to riding the stopping watsoever...good exercise for me

 Lesson no. 11
LDR are like wild stallions..they cherish the is always a challenge to put them to bed...they just roll over the cot and mumbles all need to wear them down..till they tired and then you hit them with a bottle of like a charm

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