Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Triplets and one of the many fights

Dear Kakak Leia and Adik Dhia

This is both of you masa 10mths old. Adik selalu kacau kakak  for no reason at all. Kakak pulak kadang2 pantang diusik...adik pegang sikit pun dah merengek...sbb tu la agaknya adik suka usik kakak.

note: 1st time nak upload video...tak tau la jadi ke tak

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the triplets and how they became social leper

On 20th nov's their 10 month birthday..yeah I'm forced to remember their monthly bday. I mean...c' all parents do this...monthly is a thing in these day and we congrats each other on the FB wall too??

" HBTY kids" that??

Anyway....i refused to conform against such we did not celebrate....Ummi relentless tried to convince me to buy a rainbow cake..costing around RM100..WTH!!! for a monthly birthday for crying out we have bi-weekly bday celebration too?? If money coming out from my behind that it shouldn't be an issue..

So we stayed at home the whole day...then Tok Ummi suddenly mentioned wanna go out around 5pm. We were dumbfounded...and that's when we realized she's been toiling day in day out to take care of the triplets the whole week and come's the same thing...coz the parent is just too lazy to go out. In our defense..we're the homey type of ppl..hate going out...hate the traffic...hate the crowd in the shopping mall...

Furthermore we have certain criteria when going out to public with LDR

1. we always plan ahead of time..try avoid public holidays or weekends or especially events like KL Marathon..sigh
2. location must be stroller as far as shopping complex is concerned..only Ikano and Alamanda qualifies. The rest do not have that flat type escalator thing...i dunno what is the term
3. Elevators must be able to cater our tandem and single stroller in one many more bystanders...most of elevators here is pretty cramp...and occasionally either of us need to wait for another lift to move around

For the past 9 month..we can count by fingers the times we go out in public..minus hospital visits..that's already mandatory...when they were born prematurely..the nurses already advised us not to go out in public in the 1st 6 month...coz their immune system have not matured yet and maybe susceptible to common virus..for us it is a welcomed advise coz we do not go out much anyway.... 

So we figured, tok ummi is losing her mind handling LDR all day social interaction with adults her own age....coz i know she used to be a social butterfly back in the days..hehehehe..i'm gonna get  a mouthful from ummi with that kind of statement..

On sunday couple of weeks ago, we decided to eat out for Alamanda..hence the second time for LDR went out to shopping mall..the first one was before fasting month in Ikano....

This was in Serai Cyberjaya last weekend..cozy place..not so many people around coz it was on saturday..parking near the elevator..big elevator to the 3rd floor. We keep forgetting to bring their teething we look like awful parents stuffing our face with huge amount of food whilst the kids watched us..too bad

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The triplets and how they plot their escape ( part 2)

I'm doing the series coz it is easier than coming up with long winded entries..hehehe

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The triplets and how they plot their escape ( part 1)

I was nothing to do...flicking thru the pics gallery then saw a couple of pics...and the thought of prison break came to mind...loved the 1st season...after that it just went downhill...anyway i'm supposed to post this last week but an unfortunate event happens...i dropped my phone on the concrete floor and messed up the screen really bad..then my backup phone suddenly went back to the cracked screen phone for daily use..sigh

Monday, November 12, 2012

the triplets and the boy underneath the rocker

dear raid boy,
this is you at 9mths plus. not sure mcm mana raid boleh end up under the rocker in that position. but of course umi kena amik gambar dulu before rescuing you.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

the triplets and their boring sunday

masing-masing buat hal sendiri. this is before kejadian dhia mengetok2 kepala....and tarik2 rambut leia. haiyorkkk....anak dara!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The triplets and how i survived 30 days in hospital

Since i have not drafted the entry for how they came about series..and probably never will...this is sort of some snippets of those final months before LDR's arrival

i read ALOT of books just to kill time. I would go nuts watching drama swasta at 9pm..and that Boboiboy cartoon at 6pm every freakin day.....i'm still traumatised till this day watching their video just bring me back to that small single bed room in HUKM. Living in a small compound with a demanding and cranky soon to burst wife is not honeymoon. Whatever i do or say is not acceptable and way below her expectactions. FYI, i have no idea what her expectations were..its keep on changing every hour. But i took it like a man...i persevered..i endured..i survived............

I did get some rest or some peace and quiet whenever relatives come and visit us..that's when ummi put up her brave face..smiles..laugh...yes she's in denial mode...It's like when UN come to visit those in turmoil countries..and the president would tell the UN rep..everything fine in here...nothing to worry...the citizen are being taken care civil rights are violated yada yada.....and turn green when they've gone back to their cozy lifes..hulk smash!!

Note to LDR : This is the sacrifice your father have to shoulder during those tiring times. Taking the shit from your ummi for you guys..

There was days when we try not to see each other face..coz plastic cups will fly....and it does hurts. To those criminal soon to be.. before trying to get a tenancy in Sg Buloh prison..try staying 30 painful days in a hospital with your pregnant is a nighmare!! Food is bad..the roommate is always in a fit...have i mentioned is bad...the room is cramped...there is no where for you to go and hide...

Ok..maybe bad food is a bit of a stretch compared to prison food..we did stayed in the private we can select asian or western menu..but this list of menus is limited..after 1 can already know it is back to same menu. So sucks big time..

Furthermore, i usually buy the food from the canteen...slightly better selection...there is nasi lemak...nasi campur...etc..but after eating there day in day just wanna throw up. But i need to point out...the yellow color nasi lemak  with banana leaf is a joy to eat...that is the only one thing i can enjoy till today whenever we go there for an appointment. Kudos to the makcik...i've gained a kilo or two for that food alone...hello cholestrol!!

But on a hindsight...there was some silver lining...for one...i really love going to office. I'll immediately just bolted out of the door in the morning..even though it's monday morning....freedom!!

I would come back late from office though i've got nothing to do...why would i. So i become extra hardworking in those final months...

So this was my life before...and those who defending her with  remarks about she was bearing 3 child in her tummy for 8 months....well this is my counter...the 3 not throw tantrum!! I was bearing an over dosed  adult woman with too much hormone in her body and no where to release it  and i was the nearest punching bag spare me the this is my entry anyway...hah..take that

 My daily just the wall..the door..and her wrath EVERYDAY

My RM30 per day bed..during the first couple of days i was sleeping on the floor with just the toto..but i guess my back does not agree with is like sleeping on the hard flat i opted to this foldable sofa cum single bed...slighly better but still not certified by orthopaedic society.