Thursday, September 27, 2012

The triplets and how i end up watching indon movie..

When was the last time i watch an indonesion movie? Very long long time ago...during the days of Barry Prima...i bet majority of the readers here never heard that name before...he is a like the chuck norris of indonesia...ok...maybe readers here still have no idea who's this dude either...maybe i should mention Jason Statham just to set the right tone...

So why i end up watching this movie? I was going to office today and saw a short clip of the movie in the bus...yes i ride bus...i'm a tree hugger...gonna write an entry about my bus riding thing..but that has nothing to do with defeat the purpose of using the same opening title 'the triplets and how. ......."

Anywayss...the title of the movie what intrigue me...The Raid Redemption...hehehehe....get it? No???...oh i  quickly pull up my trusty IMDB app in my phone and check out the rating. I have a rule in movie watching..always watch IMDB rating above 7.0 points...lower than that score usually sucks big time...dun waste ur bandwidth downloading it. I usually just search 8.0 and above movies just to cover my basic movie needs..i think i have covered those range except for oldies movies like Casablanca or Gone with the winds...i cannot stand those kind of movies...

So after reading the synopsis and user review...i was impressed...its an indonesian movie with unknown cast and director...i dun read those professional movie reviewer..i feel they just being paid to like or hate movies...being pretentious about the plot, character development and other BS ..i would love to have their job though...

After coming back from office...i straight away search the movie...and found a copy..dun ask me how i got it...that will constitute as admission of guilt. Pls be advise, get a version with subtitles. I didn't have i have to do alot of guesswork on the indonesian vocab is quite limited...compared to tok umi and LDR recently. They've been watching alot of afternoon sinetron  together with the movie dun have much plot...just small talk...but alot of action..really2 awesome fight scene. This is like OngBak with Tony Jaa...indon version. I won't write a movie review coz IMDB have a bunch of them and it is nicely written...

I wish Malaysia can do something like this...a good action movie portraying what this movie did..we had enough of romance direct to astro movies by david teo...or horror movies with different variant of local malay ghosts and the occasional action rempit cum drift movie by the haslam clan..

So there you have it..a movie worth watching...i have to wait till R is 15yrs old to watch his movie...its brutally majestic...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The triplets and how ummi ruined my 1st day raya

I'm guessing most bloggers have already done an entry about raya..we kinda missed the boat. Seriously writing an entry for this blog is hard work....and me especially coz there is no thought process into the structure of the entry...just thumb typing slowly on the small screen..
On that note...i'm taking a break on writing they came about series.. It just hit me..that story is pretty long....i dunno why i did it in the first place..regret..regret..regret... i need to break it up to several entries just keep my mind sane...Ok i digress alot already..

Coming back to raya....yeaaa..1st day raya in my hometown goes like this.

We target to do at least 3 house on that day...arrived in sepang around 12noon . Went straight to my aunt place...we parked them in one corner of the living room..So the makcik2 start ogling them..and then...Leia starts screaming...and scream..and screamm...and couple of seconds later Raid join the frenzy...I was still eating kuih raya by the way since 2 kids crying can be easily handled by ummi and bibik..
But the cries never stop...Dhia do join in later when I have finished eating..and thats when our bibik starts eating very slowly..I mean seriously...i dunno why she enjoys eating very need a separate entry on its own with regards to eating with triplets. Leia have yet to stop the tantrum...ummi even sat in the car with aircond on hoping it will soothe her. ain't happening!!

So ummi vetoed me to go back straight to my parents house...raya cancelled!!..pls note, Leia have yet to stop crying and was a good 20 mins plus minus till we reach my parents place. By then...there were alot of brother and sister...and some relatives i have no idea who they are.....and then other 2 i.e Dhia and Raid re-join the tantrum..

I think by this time..ummi's make-up already brother asked her to go into the room  and switch on the aircond...I was still holding R or D i cannot remember...imagine the TV series..ER..when George Clooney not yet famous...that's how frantic it was..all 3 still crying for no reason.We pulled out toys...rattlers...squishy pillows...gave them milk..sing a song..selawat by my mother...still no indication L gonna stop. RD already stopped after 30min reaching home...but Leia..she's a tough cookie. I read somewhere in parenting magazine( yes, i do read them)..those with tantrums are very determined babies..they know what they want..and cries if they're not getting wat they want. So the issue here is..we have no idea what L wants.

We did all in the checklist
1. Milk - not taking anymore
2. Toys - not interested
3. Air cond - full blast
4. Diapers - still dry
5. Cuddling - not good enough
6. Ummi and daddy funny faces - yeah right

So after a good 1 hour of screaming and kicking...L finally quit her tantrum and went to a deep sleep. A good 3-4 hr sleep during the day is very rare...i can say by this time it is already 4pm..and i was in no mood to go beraya anymore. The kids tend to consume your energy..its like their the bunnies..cute and cuddly..and we're the energizer batteries...

Around 5pm, Princess Leia woke up with a smile but still growls to my we do not want to risk another round of tantrum...we decided to pack our bags and went straight home. The end...
Yeah only satu rumah beraya...technically my parents house does not count..they went there just to sleep..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

the triplets and how i was ditch by the bibik

Last friday was a memorable evening....i was busy with a proposal submission...ummi has a launching event to look into. So both of us will be coming back quite late...on top of that ummi sent me on a wild goose chase for 16 bottle of oxygenizer water drink for FLOM which she will be attending the saturday launch evian is not good enough for her.

Anyway, i arrived around 7.40pm....LDR no where to be seen in the living i thought...this evening gonna be a peaceful hope was dashed away when i walked into the bedroom. LDR was wide awake....all in their own baby cot mumbling nonsense..but very much awake. Bibik was giving milk to D but L and D was talking loudly...and bibik already ran out of milk...and none of them sleeping.

That's when bibik suddenly made a quick getaway..Tuan, saya mahu sembahyang dulu ya?...of course i cannot say she walked out from the room and never to be seen again...what the heck!!!

Refer to previous entry on my lesson learnt..never ever be alone with all 3 was freakin chaos....i was jumping from one side of the bed to the other..then running back to the milk station. I think i can apply for a barista or bartender position after this with my ever improving skillset concocting milk cocktail

Eventually it worked out alright...but deep down inside i have a feeling bibik was trying to sabotage my baby whisperer title.... I was trying to take a pic of my victory..but it was too dark...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The triplets and how i learnt new stuff abt them

Lesson learnt 1
- this is pretty obvious but sometimes we just forgot...coz whenever we go out...we're always rushing like mad to get into the always have a backup of everything..i.e wipes..formula milk..always expect that shit will happen anytime...even just going out to your next door be always prepared for any contigencies..we even have a backup of the backup ready in the car..just in case..
Lesson learnt 2
- do not at any circumstances to take all 3 wide awake kids to go to bed together. One must plan ahead who shud go to bed first..and make sure he/she asleep before taking another one to the bed. Dun try to be a superparents with super powers and try this impossible always end badly i.e accepting defeat and taking them back down to the livingroom and to be looked after by the is embarrassing..sometimes i feel bibik is ridiculing my parenting skills. All this will avoid the domino effect when one of them waking up the other who already is madness to stop the vicious cycle set by this chain reaction...
 Lesson learnt 3 - when they cries...2 basic checklist...they pooped or hungry. Sometimes we just over analyse things and not seeing the obvious..they're hungry or uncomfortable...just go back to basics...
 Lesson learnt 4 - Always remember when they're fed. In the beginning we have a log book with time and volume of milk taken. This is to keep track which one is still full and which one is hungry. The worst thing to happen is overfeeding ur child..
 Lesson learnt 5 - when D is pretty much occupied by watching tv or staring at the ceiling figuring out how to conquer the world...dun ever let yourself be in her line of sight..she'll just cry for attention and ask to be picked up. Once i had to jump over the sofa from the back and lie still for a couple of second to play dead...just to avoid her radar....that bad
 Lesson learnt 6 - Don't lie down on ur back and hold them horizontally...especially after feeding. They might just puke on ur face...true story

and many lessons to be written...till then

Monday, September 17, 2012

The triplets and monday the public holiday

hi...umi is back. dearest daddy dah installed the blogger apps on my phone so hoping for more updates from my side of stories. hopefully reader tak confuse with who is who. have to admit that daddy is a better writer...till then...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The triplets and how they become wolverine

Every morning after LDR woke up our usual ritual is to check for scratch marks on their face. For one...we dun want to be convicted  for child abuse...especially tok umi..she'll judge our parenting skills..ok mostly my child handling skill. Tok umi will hover like an eagle watching over my shoulder how i hold them...change their diapers..everything lah..i even came up with a code name for mother eagle watching me right now?
Coming back to the scratch marks...their nails are quite sharp. Once, L or R had a long scar from the forehead down across the eyelid down to the cheek. IT WAS AWESOMELY BRUTAL. Just like Kratos from God Of War series. How ever we trim will be as sharp as usual. See, they inherited the only part of me ummi always praised off. My long and beautiful nails. Its those glass type...not the lame cup type shape like ummi..and maybe the rest of the world..hehehehe
When we got the news of having triplets..ummi prayed for healthy ummi...all about her lah...and pretty nails like daddy. So i'm considered the minority shareholder if LDR is a public co.
Even when ppl asked who LDR resembles...ummi will claim its all from her side of the family..the arabic side. She still denies there is any part of jawa descend in them..except for the nail that is... So yeah sucks to be me....

these are just the minor cut...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The triplets and how i became the baby whisperer

Ummi and me always argue who is the better parent...who got the skillz....My take is that i'm more the strategic and practical person. Ummi more towards emotional....feely2 touchy stuff...
Both never been to parenting class...and never been a parent we have to learn while hitting the ground running...alot of mistakes...alot of lesson learnt..we even take notes of those..just in case we forgot and make the same mistakes again...i shud do the lesson learnt entry in the future...

So LDR..if you're reading this...from the bottom of my heart..i'm sorry if we messed up ur life...we're was trial and error...too many advises with conflicting view points. I do hope u wont murder us in our sleep for traumatising your childhood...(p/s: L...we're sorry you've fallen from our bed the other day...u actually did quite well by landing on the pillow..we're cool abt this right? hard feelings...)

Coming back to baby whispering thing...last friday ummi got stuck in a meeting until 8pm i.e way past time their bedtime. We usually put them to bed around 6.30 to 7pm. So i planned strategically to put R to bed first coz he's the easiest if we bribed him with a bottle of milk. So in 5 min...R went down counting fluffy sheeps. So then i decided to take up L since D just woke up an hour ago and pretty much wide awake..L is quite a difficult it took me till 7.30pm to get L sleeps quietly. She usually talk to herself while flipping left and right..she does get loud and will always woke up R. This is where my multitasking training in corporate world comes in handy...i'd go back and forth betw R and L giving milk...stop halfway..go to the other main galah panjang...

So about Maghrib..i went down and took up D who have been sitting quietly in the rocker..Tok umi said she's already this will be easy..piece of cake...Not!!
D is the unexpected's really difficult to gauge her mood..maybe becoz she's the youngest...she'll start talking on her own and pulling the pillow over her head..smothering herself...sometimes with 2 pillow. That's the odd habit she just took up recently. We cannot leave her alone with a pillow. So after 45 mins of pillow tug of war with me..she finally falls asleep..

So there...i successfully put all 3 in bed alone..with no help from ummi. Coz usually this is a 2 man operation....I got skillz!!! Maybe I should advertise my skillset for hire. You never know....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The they came about plus how i play the doctor (part 2)

Ok seriously..i dun think i'm gonna go into details...just too much info to be written...and i'm lazy.
So here we apr/may...we went back in to MAC after ummi pms cycle started...but unfortunately or fortunately Doc Natasha went into labor. She's having twins! I think that was a hint from God. So our case was passed to Prof Hashim.
Since we already decided to go with IVF..Prof cannot say anything we were told he prefers the natural way of conception..but he's one of the best. The other one is Prof Zainul..
So Prof gave us a bunch of prescription to stimulate the hormone was costly...i think 3/4 of the whole expenses came from the ranges depending on the condition of the patients...some need more dosage..some need less..even after she was pregnant..the prescription bill kept on ensure the fetus development goes as planned..
You can say ummi was pumped with full of prescribed eating M&M for breakfast. Also she has to get jabbed on the tummy every morning...that meds was freaking expensive. She's like a junkie with needle marks on the stomach instead on the arm. Since she is afraid of stabbing herself with a big ass syringe...i got the honour to play doctor for the next couple of parents would be happy..his son finally became a doctor..though for a while...ooh yes..those were the days i can stab my wife and not getting prosecuted..good times indeed

To be cont...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

The triplets and how they came about ( part 1)

It started way back in early 2011..where we put our target date to get a child..sorta long postponed new year resolution. We tried IUI twice...first back in 2007 and also 2010. It did not panned out well and the folks in LPPKN suggested to try another IUI again. But we just cannot take the agony of going to beraya in 2011 with no child in progress.
Those childless couple would understand how depressing it is to meet your relatives and slapped with the bonus questions :

1. Anak dah berapa ( How many kids?)
2. Dah mengandung blom ( Are you pregnant yet?)
3. ( fill in the blanks) dah mengandung..ko bila lagi ( Your ........... already pregnant, when in yours?)
4. Jgn tunggu lama2 ( Don't wait too long)
5. and other variants...some meant to my ever bulging tummy..sigh

Anyway..we commit to more of those silly annoying questions...i mean we can take it for the first couple of years...we usually just shrugged it off as a joke...but after 7's getting old..and you really just wanna slap them..literally...multiple times if need be!

So in Feb 2011, ummi called HUKM - MAC Dept for an appointment. She decided HUKM is the least expensive facility to do the IVF.  We managed to secure a date couple of weeks later with Doc Natasha. We're lucky to have those medical reports during our IUI phase and presented it during our appointment.I have to give credit to ummi for being dilligent enough to file and catalogue majority of the reports...history..even receipts..i mean she's anal about filing stuff into those clear type folder..where ppl used for during job interviews. Even our current paed was impressed with her filing skills...kipas sket

I noticed certain couple went straight to MAC with no prior report of their they were turned away to another clinic.dunno where..

So during the conversation with Doc Natasha, we insist to go ahead with IVF..we're not looking for another round of IUI. She agreed and discussed the period cycle to align her schedule for the next step.

To be cont...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The triplets and how they came about (intro)

The most common question i got from my frens regarding having triplets was...did u asked for triplets from the doctor?

so the answer is No!

It's not McD where u can order 2 large BigMac set and 1 medium Quarter Pounder. It's not that straight forward. We were lucky enough to even go thru the procedure once...compared to some couple who have to endure this tiring process twice or more..and takes perseverance..patience and of course money to go thru this..

So I'll try to document as much details as possible the journey we took up until they're born...maybe when LDR grow up..they can read this and appreciate what the sacrifice their parent have to go thru to make it all possible...well i didn't do much...mostly ummi do most the heavy lifting(pun intended)..hehehehe

To be continued...(blogging on mobile phone is tedious)

New author on board...testing via android blogger app

...ummi finally decided to walk away from this blog due to family and work commitment. Yeah..she has started working since June coz i asked her to. Duk umah shopping online not helping our family ever increasing expenses...

She will comment and participate to defend her stand. So from now on this blog is about a father's point of view handling the triplets...

Btw this is the daddy....