Saturday, September 22, 2012

the triplets and how i was ditch by the bibik

Last friday was a memorable evening....i was busy with a proposal submission...ummi has a launching event to look into. So both of us will be coming back quite late...on top of that ummi sent me on a wild goose chase for 16 bottle of oxygenizer water drink for FLOM which she will be attending the saturday launch evian is not good enough for her.

Anyway, i arrived around 7.40pm....LDR no where to be seen in the living i thought...this evening gonna be a peaceful hope was dashed away when i walked into the bedroom. LDR was wide awake....all in their own baby cot mumbling nonsense..but very much awake. Bibik was giving milk to D but L and D was talking loudly...and bibik already ran out of milk...and none of them sleeping.

That's when bibik suddenly made a quick getaway..Tuan, saya mahu sembahyang dulu ya?...of course i cannot say she walked out from the room and never to be seen again...what the heck!!!

Refer to previous entry on my lesson learnt..never ever be alone with all 3 was freakin chaos....i was jumping from one side of the bed to the other..then running back to the milk station. I think i can apply for a barista or bartender position after this with my ever improving skillset concocting milk cocktail

Eventually it worked out alright...but deep down inside i have a feeling bibik was trying to sabotage my baby whisperer title.... I was trying to take a pic of my victory..but it was too dark...

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  1. hehehehhe seronok baca keletah triplets. i can imagine if all of them crying at the same time :)
    salam perkenalan ya, feel free to read my blog :)