Thursday, September 6, 2012

The triplets and how they came about (intro)

The most common question i got from my frens regarding having triplets was...did u asked for triplets from the doctor?

so the answer is No!

It's not McD where u can order 2 large BigMac set and 1 medium Quarter Pounder. It's not that straight forward. We were lucky enough to even go thru the procedure once...compared to some couple who have to endure this tiring process twice or more..and takes perseverance..patience and of course money to go thru this..

So I'll try to document as much details as possible the journey we took up until they're born...maybe when LDR grow up..they can read this and appreciate what the sacrifice their parent have to go thru to make it all possible...well i didn't do much...mostly ummi do most the heavy lifting(pun intended)..hehehehe

To be continued...(blogging on mobile phone is tedious)