Thursday, December 13, 2012

The triplets and how LDR reduced the carbon footprint

Since LDR arrival this year...we bought alot of that runs on batteries...their rocker also runs on batteries..their rattle thingy also got battery...their baby monitor also runs on batteries
So buying alkaline batteries is not the best solution...mind you..i need triple the quantity. I always told ummi to buy those simpler electronic component..they have less tendency to get broken.

Ok enuff talking abt broken toys..i'm suppose to write abt my trusty eneloop batt. These guys are one of the best investment i ever made...maybe after our house and asb...ranked 3rd. The 1st set i bought back in 2008 in power my pentax dslr. I was reading some review abt the camera and somebody recommended this rechargeable batt. Then i did further digging...lo and behold i'm hooked. The same set still chugging along powering their rocker and toys to this day. I did buy additional 4 new set AA and another 4 set of AAA early this yr..same model..These babies can last quite sometime...

Some toys need the bigger batteries..D or C worries..i bought D adaptor in ebay which can house 2 piece of AA batteries and we're good to go..
So all in all...i reduced buying those alkaline batt with the eneloops..slightly reducing hazardous chemical from going into the dumpster and further pollute the ground...thats what the marketing campaign from them anyway...i'm a sucker for marketing fad

My trusty far I have 8 pcs AA and 3 pcs AAA..planning to add another 8pcs

This book runs on battery...

The recently deceased toy..RIP my battery for you lah

Table also got battery...sigh

The casing i bought in can fit 2 pcs of AA

These 3  babies...does not run on eneloop battery..but on formula milk and homemade food. Need to recharge every 2-3 hours

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