Friday, May 11, 2012

The Triplets and The Catch of the Day

This is goin to be a very quick one becoz i am very tired after a very long day at the mom & baby expo, midvalley.

JollyKidZ Magic Panel Playpen

My fav purchase of the day. Saw this playpen a month ago at Dr. Halina's blog - Barely Supermummy....terus love at first sight. can only buy it online kat Buggy Baby Boogie so dok tangguh2 nak beli. Tak sangka pulak they open a booth at the apa lagi!!! supposedly it is 4X4 square playpen. tapi mana la muat The Triplets tiga nak duduk dalam tu. so hasilnya mcm gambar diatas :).

The Triplets of coz tak ikut. Tok Umi, Ruby and MrG jaga kat rumah. Rasa bersalah sebenarnya leaving the kids at home with Tok Umi while their mother pi shopping.tapi tak pe kot kan...lgpun bukannyer utk anak2 jugak. ok lah..i better stop...need my beauty sleep. here are 2 pictures of my babies for today.

 Leia kena buli dgn daddy

Nite2 everyone :)

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