Monday, April 30, 2012

The Triplets, The Wedding and The Durians

Terperanjat sgt hari ni bila tetiba visitors utk blog naik mendadak....followers pun sama naik. wohhooooo...billions thanks to Nani sbb buat entry psl The Triplets Story :). Nani or famously known as Mamakembar3 is my fren from uni....same faculty but different specialisation. her husband and my husband have the same interest....COUNTERSTRIKE!! those were the days. again thank you to nani and to semua visitors and continue following The Triplets Story. To date, baru ada 10 entry and i hope to update this blog more often esp time tgh cuti panjang ni. 

i dont know abt you guys but this weekend plus today rasa panas yg teramat sgt kan. and we got a wedding to attend to. my sis in law got married last i mentioned in my previous entry, me and the triplets tak balik utk help here and there plus the akad nikah is also on saturday. it will be very crowded and hot for the triplets to join the fun. nanti ummi pulak yg stress. so we only went back on sunday....the kenduri day itself with Tok Umi and also my brother and his family. and for the first time i bagi the girls pakai that i dont have to answer yg mana satu girl mana satu boy :D. cute sgt dua budak botak tu pakai gown and hairband....

my 3 babies dgn baju baru

the first snap of our first family photo....ntah apasal la si Raid and Leia dok nangis

Alhamdullillah, The Triplets sangat2 behave dekat rumah atok sepang.  
 this is normal anywhere everywhere. sblm ni experience dekat hospital during check-up saja....and as expected masa kenduri lagi lah ramai saudara mara nak tgk The Triplets.

 On our way back to Putrajaya singgah beli durian. Mr Daddy beli 2 biji jenis Red Prawn and another 2 tak tau jenis apa

 Sessi mengupas durian utk disimpan dalam tupperware dlm fridge. I suka makan durian sejuk2 baru la rasa sedap
 ni hasil dari 2 biji durian....banyak kan....jenuh la nak abiskan ni nanti

 and this is from Red Prawn....sikit tapi sedap...sekali hadap jer dah abis

this morning tok umi introduced us cara makan durian org Kedah...nasi putih gaul dgn santan and durian. not bad...mcm pulut makan dgn kuah durian minus rasa muak.


  1. Mesti famous triplets kan :D hehehe

  2. tu lah...ummi nye pun nak tumpang sekaki...hahahha

  3. Anugerah terindah=))

    saya ble rasakan bahagianya....